Obeah From Tomorrow | written and performed by Ociele Hawkins | 02:38 | 2017

If all the oppressions that marginalized me were gone how would I arrive? We had to go to the future to answer this question. In the year 2040 Obeah is in love with herself. This unselfish love was achieved through work; both the nonlinear journey of personal healing and the systemic work to dismantle capitalism through organizing. The piece takes place moments before a gala celebration of decades of labor and the 5-year anniversary of liberation; when she is in deep reflection of her journey.

made for Super|Object 004: ____Bodies and Curate This

Eros | featuring Lucifer Rising | 02:04 | 2017

A captivating and romantic dreamscape of divine mystic witch Lucifer Rising taking a lavish milky hot bath with herself in the futuristic steam machine. Oozing femininity and sensuality, she grabs your attention and leaves you creamy and wet. Nominated for an award at the Feminist Porn Awards at Toronto International Porn Film Festival.
Please request a link to see the full video. 

Drift | featuring David Amado and Frankie Frett | 2016

Drift is an exploration of escapism as a means to cope and seek relief from an unfortunate reality. Blurring the lines of what is real and what is imagined, the video follows the trajectory a character in three different manifestations grappling with their sanity and struggling with their inner demons. 

Submerge 2016: will you? | commissioned by Brooklyn Arts Exchange

QTPoC Performance Art Festival curated by Naimonu James and featuring performances by Taja Lindley, marikiscrycry/Malik Nashad Sharpe, Mette LouLou von Kohl, Coda Wei, Mieke D, Katherine Marie and Salome Asega, a reading of "Permitted" by Kirya Traber, a pop-up installation and performance by the Free Black Women's Library, and Femmepremacy crafted by Shayna Janelle. events.bax.org/will-you/



Slut Snax Snaps | 04:20 | 2016

Experimental digital short comprised entirely of snapchats. Please request a link to view full video.
Shown: Jul - Aug 2016, Nahs @ Yr Roots, Hot Festival, Dixon Place, NYC
Aug 2016, Art BBQ, Little Berlin, Philadelphia
May 2016, Soft Thots Hard Nights, Panorama Space, Philadelphia

Latasha Alcindor "HeadRaps" | featuring Sharr Truce | 2016

Busy Signal "Text Message" | featuring Eva Wo + Ma Ya Ma Ya | 2016